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"The advocacy of wealth accumulation for the DiBernardo & Company, P.C. clients is a cornerstone of what we need as physicians. We are so often existing and managing the day to day, that having such a partner focused on accumulation and preservation is stellar service."

-Neil Neimark, MD
Author of "The Science of Positive Thinking"

"As a physician and financial advisor to doctors, DiBernardo & Company, P.C. is right on point with a wealth accumulation strategy. Michael's team earns your trust and sets a call-to-action that makes wealth preservation possible.

-Amir Baluch, MD
Best-Selling Author of "Make It. Keep It. The New Rules of Wealth Preservation for Doctors"

"We can easily lose vision of the bigger picture. The DiBernardo & Company, P.C. team has a solid strategy to ensure that as physicians, so often distracted by other things, that we stay on track to ensure that our financial plan makes sense for us, the business and our families."

-William B. Van Valin III, MD

Best-Selling Author